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Office Revamp for Inspirit Vision Pune 

Pune’s pioneering force in digital security – Inspirit Vision, was looking for an office revamp. They wanted a hub that reflected their commitment to advanced security solutions along with employee well-being. 

Basically something that goes beyond the typical corporate cubicle jungle.

After visiting their workplace, Greentech knew this project was more than just a design challenge. It was a mission to create a physical representation of a workplace that breathes innovation. 

 We had to mirror the company’s commitment with designs that would transcend the mundane work to a physical manifestation of their brand identity, keeping their commitment to employee well-being and the company DNA intact. 

Collaboration at Core: 

The central theme for wall graphics revolved around Inspirit’s brand visual – connecting dots forming triangles symbolising the cyber-security connection. Furthermore, the wall graphics also included ‘The Handshake of Trust’. A visual metaphor highlighting the partnership between Inspirit Vision and its clients.

Employee Appreciation Walls: 

The walls featured portraits of teamwork and appreciation. Conveying the message that the company values the employees and collaborates to accomplish their goals. This helped cultivate a culture of acknowledgement and gratitude, towards the staff for their role in the organization.

Motivational Mantras:

Uplifting wall art was strategically positioned in the office to promote a can-do attitude.

Dedicated Fun Wall: 

Not all work is serious. 

We created a wall for employees to unwind and de-stress. Along with this, different paintings also fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment. 

The Relaxation Room:

To promote mental well-being and stress relief the Inspirit Invision had a relaxation room. For this, a captivating wall graphic was created to transform relaxation into a feeling of peaceful bliss after a productive day. 

Pillars of Excellence;

Alternate 8 columns with shades of orange, green, and blue proudly displaying Inspirit Visions principles were placed. These columns featured 3D triangles and typography that emphasized the company’s dedication to being an industry leader, in cybersecurity.

The Result: 

The revamped office space, at Inspirit Vision functions as an environment that mirrors the company’s core values. This motivational setting promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of security, empowering the team members. 

This ultimately enhances their work processes for the benefit of both operations and clients.

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