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Designing Modernity With a Twist of Marathi Legacy (CBRE)

Global Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) wanted Greentech to design their Pune office. They anticipated a workplace that seamlessly blends the sleek sophistication of CBRE’s global identity with the vibrant spirit of Pune City.

The objective was to carve a space that balanced CBRE’s global presence while celebrating Pune – A city steeped in the rich history and cultural heritage of the Maratha empire.

The Vibrant Pune City 

While fulfilling their needs, our team at Greentech weaved together the modern and historical design layout that envisioned a cohesive environment with a symphony of global and local influences.

Because this wasn’t just about creating an office; it was about crafting an experience.

External Logo Signage:

The CBRE logo was constructed using a 5mm thick ACP sheet as the base, ensuring a sturdy and weather-resistant foundation. The front face featured a 5mm thick plexiglass sheet, providing a clear and polished surface. White LEDs were strategically fixed on the base ACP sheet, giving the logo a warm, inviting glow, maximising visibility during day and night.

In-Office Signages:

  •  The in-office signages were crafted on the rose gold colored stainless-steel canvas, This not only acted as a sophisticated choice but also complemented the modern office ‘aesthetic look.’
  • The text placed on signages was UV printed directly onto the rose gold plate, ensuring exceptional clarity, durability, and a lasting impression.
  • Mounting was done with a double-sided tape. This offered a clean and efficient installation.

Celebrating Wall Graphics With Pune’s Unique Identity. 

Additional frames portraying the city’s customs like “Punyanagari” (a term for Pune) provided a deeper insight into local identity.

The prominent wall featured a hand-painted image of Shri. Savitribai Phule – A pioneer of women’s education in India. Accompanying the image is her powerful quote, “Lekh Vachava, Lekh Vadhava, Lekh Ghadva” (Let The Daughters Read, Learn, Rise), a timeless message that continues to inspire generations.

Integrated Warli Art Designs 

The Warli Art Frames convey an integral model of business working with a traditional twist. 

A Tribute to Pune University 

Pune is known for its rich academic heritage. Therefore, Geentech designed a unique wall that showcased this legacy through mounted blank books. Within these blank pages were the skilled sketches of Pune’s historical university, its architectural beauty and educational significance.

Walls serve as a tribute to India’s rich heritage, Pune’s cultural identity, and the city’s well-deserved title as the “Oxford of the East.”

The Tutari Wall 

Tutari” an ancient wind instrument still used in Maharashtra has its historical significance and is used in welcoming dignitaries and contemporary celebrations even today.

Reflecting Pune’s Essence even in ‘Wallpapers’

CBRE celebrates Pune beyond its heritage. Our exquisite wallpaper with intricate details and vivid colors showcases the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in the city’s ecosystem.  From majestic trees and vibrant flowers to captivating birds and intriguing wildlife, the artwork becomes a breathtaking visual.

Celebrating The Royal Tradition With Modernity

Authentic Wada Touches at windows and gates with added intricate details just like Pune’s historic wadas (traditional mansions) were crafted in the architectural elements creating a luxurious and sophisticated touch.

Wooden carved motifs with traditional designs and intricately carved doors and windows. 

Pillar Peculiar Designs:

Adding a subtle yet elegant expression on the pillars throughout the office thoughtfully crafted aesthetics and also preserved the cultural essence.

Hall of Icons

A mini-hall of fame, showcasing framed portraits of Indian national heroes like Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lokmanya Tilak, and Sarojini Naidu each accompanied by a concise, four-line biographical snippet allowed a quick understanding of these influential figures.

Although the overall design concept leant towards a fusion of modern designs with subtle Marathi influences the office graphics were kept sophisticated

CBRE believes the workplace should not be all work. A healthy work environment not only encourages productivity but also celebrates creativity and collaboration among employees. To achieve this, Greentech came up with several engaging activities that boost employee engagement.

Expressions of Yourself 

This fun low-pressure activity provides a unique canvas to express employees through colors and selecting an emoticon that best reflects their current mood or personality.

The motive was to encourage employees to collaborate and create a shared wall art piece that fostered a sense of ownership and active participation in shaping the workspace.

 The Lego Wall: This Defines Me! 

This interactive game includes a blank Lego character and a set of other miniature toys, all in white. Their task is to choose the character or toy that resonates with their personality, and then paint it in a way that reflects who they are.

Once everyone has expressed their artistic flair, these personalized creations will be

displayed on a dedicated wall. Reminding each team member’s presence and unique personality in our shared workplace.

Hello from the Other Side

This activity dives deeper with an opportunity to showcase a different facet of employee personalities. Each individual will have their portrait taken against a selection of four different backgrounds, allowing them to choose the setting that resonates with them.

Through this engaging activity, we aim to capture and reveal the unique aspects of

each person’s personality, fostering a better understanding among team members

Make Your Mark

This activity is personal and unifying, solidifying each employee’s presence within the team. This activity allows employees to put their palm impressions on these checkers. This marks individuality and the presence of each member in the business growth.

Crafting a Fun Cafeteria

Office spaces aren’t all about heritage and tradition. We understand the need for a refreshing break! 

So our team designed an intentional shift in the cafeteria keeping the young generation in mind. A space that offered a playful and inviting atmosphere that caters to diverse moods and needs.

Wrapping CBREs Worldwide Presence with Wonderful Design

While celebrating Pune’s unique identity, we haven’t forgotten CBRE’s global reach. A dedicated wall showcases a world map, crafted from MDF cutouts adorned with printed text identifying each country where CBRE operates. For this artificial moss was strategically placed in specific countries to symbolize international growth.

Glide Into the Glass Graphics 

Eye Catching glass graphics added a visual appeal to the office space balancing privacy and functionality at the same time.

Washroom Frames 

Adding a touch of humour our frames in washrooms created a more relaxed ambience in the restroom. 

The Result

CBRE is a perfect example of a thoughtful design that transcends the boundaries of a typical workplace. An ideal blend of global recognition with deep appreciation for Pune’s rich history, vibrant culture and beauty.

A space that fosters creativity, collaboration and a sense of belonging for the entire team when everyone walks through the CBRE’s doors.

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