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Designing Amazon’s Vikroli HQ

Designing Amazon’s Vikroli HQ

Yes, Offices Can Be Cool! 

Imagine ‘Amazon’ – The retail giant that knows exactly what you need even before you do.

Now imagine their office space in Mumbai, Vikroli. Mind you, it was not just another office space, but a premium and spacious office site they wanted to reimagine.

The Catch – they were looking for a space both vibrant yet professional, that celebrates Mumbai’s energy and also aligns with the company’s global brand identity.

Our team of designers at Greentech, came up with a combined approach that catered Mumbai’s unique energy in subtle color palettes. Leaving an inspiring yet culturally rich office environment.

Wall Graphics:

Customized walls were designed in a way that reflect the local flavor. The combination incorporated subtle nods of Mumbai vibes through traditional color schemes with iconic elements like the bustling taxis, vibrant street scenes, and signature monsoon rains. 

A sophisticated color palette of muted tones and color pops along with the vibrant theme ensured a professional and calming atmosphere. This balance created an energizing yet focused workspace in areas where needed.

– Meeting Rooms

– Phone Booths

– Dual Cabins

and more…

Interactive leadership elements were designed in a way that emphasized open communication, collaboration, and strategic motivation through cable art designs.

Walls dedicated to ‘The Dynamic Mumbai Spirit’

‘A City That Never Sleeps’

Capturing Mumbai’s tireless energy with a touch of cultural identity

The Bollywood Lobby

‘The Bollywood Inspiration’ kept the lobby walls alive with a unique display. We created 24 framed posters, each featuring a classic Bollywood movie poster cleverly combined with a motivational quote.

A fusion of Indian cinema to ignite a spark of inspiration within the employees

Paintings and Frames

Curated paintings and framed artworks added color pop with Indian artistic flair to different office areas with QR codes! 

Sayed Haider Raza Paintings

M.F. Hussein Paintings

The Result

Employees felt culturally connected as the space inculcated a sense of pride and belonging among them.

The vibrant yet professional atmosphere encouraged creativity and collaboration, ultimately leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

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