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Re-imagining Airtel’s Office in Pune

Even a telecom giant like Airtel felt their Pune office needed a refresh to ignite a more vibrant work environment. They wanted to ditch the ordinary and add a modernized touch to their office space in the city. 

After collaboration and brainstorming with their team, Greentech knew they needed something that gives visual comfort and makes the office surroundings feel extraordinary! 

Our thought was to reflect their work culture, and the team spirit in a way that made their office spaces look alive, inspiring, and creative. 

With designs that weren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also spoke Airtel’s language.

We focused on ‘inclusivity’ with designs that promoted creative interaction, collaboration, and socializing. 

Our team meticulously crafted layouts that blended aesthetics, purpose, and life into every corner. Our human interactive designs didn’t just look good, they motivated employees to come to work, want to work, and enjoy their time at the office. 

Which in turn promoted employee wellbeing, improved staff retention, and helped attract new talent. 

The result? A win-win! 

A space that inspired, that balanced professionalism with a dynamic energy. 

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