3M Workspace Solutions

Your Comfort. Your Organization. Your Productivity. Your Well-Being.

3M Workspace Solutions is at the center of your workday; 3M focuses on your well-being and offers products that contribute to your comfort, organization and productivity in the workplace. With the right workspace solutions, you can focus on making your presentations shine, your meetings more productive and your team-building efforts more successful. 3M Workspace Solutions puts your well-being first, so producing your best work becomes your primary focus


Designed to fit your workspace

Whether your workspace is open, private, spacious or confined, 3M Workspace Solutions are designed to fit where you work.

Maximize space

Every inch of your workspace counts. Our products helps you to maximize it, freeing up more room to work.

3M science and design

3M Workspace Solutions apply science and design to the tools you need for a stylish, modern and efficient work place.

High quality from 3M

High-quality products from 3M Workspace Solutions are reliable so you can work with confidence.

How the Science is applied to life

Optimizing Workspace for optimal personal comfort – how is it done Recommended Positioning

To avoid eyestrain, position your monitor within a comfortable viewing distance, at or below eye level, and within your 60° viewing field.

Position source documents in line with your screen, and no more than 35° to either side, to avoid excessive turning or bending of your neck.

Place input devices within the recommended area to avoid strain on your wrists, arms and hands.

Elevate every day.

  • Each day, you face a number of challenges in the workplace.Taking on new responsibilities,meeting deadlines and operating efficiently depend on your comfort.Workspace Solutions are designed to help you get organized and make the most of your space.


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