3m Glass Films

Inspiring Glass Finishes

3M Architectural Markets’ glass finishes are technologically advanced products with unique designs, in-line with current market trends. Stylish and functional, the finishes are designed to last.



You get the beauty, translucency and privacy of etched, cut, sandblasted or texturized decorative glass at a fraction of the price. Applying FASARA™ and CRYSTAL GLASS FINISHES directly to glass saves time and money.

Refresh and Renew

FASARA™ and CRYSTAL GLASS FINISHES can be used to transform existing surfaces, eliminating waste. When the space is ready for a new look, remove the film and replace it with a different pattern or texture.


The material itself is amazingly flexible and easy to apply. The film is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications and works on flat or simple curved surfaces.

Decorating with Glass

Glass is an essential element in the design of new buildings. Synonymous with brightness and elegance, glass windows let in natural light providing visual comfort. This improves employees’ well-being and productivity by connecting them to the external environment. Privacy Protection. Aesthetics. Communication. Whatever is required, 3M Architectural Markets offers interior designers new opportunities to express themselves through the broadest range of creative options for glass surfaces.

Limitless areas of use

  • Offices, banks and agencies
  • Shopping centres, shop windows and showrooms
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars and other public places
  • Wellness and spa centres
  • Customize glass doors, wardrobes, shower stalls and home mirrors
  • Renovate common spaces and thoroughfares: halls, stairwells, windows and skylights

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes

The perfect blend of optical beauty and affordability, 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes offer a simple solution for creating the illusion of etched, treated or textured glass. Combining visual complexity with subtle textures, FASARA™ FILMS give depth to glass and provide customized privacy while preserving natural light. Layer FASARA™ FILMS to create a custom design for a dramatic effect.


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